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Parramatta always supports Vung Tau policies of development, says Lord Mayor of Parramatta

Thứ Ba, 03/05/2005, 15:20 [GMT+7]
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Ms. Julia Finn

  • By Minh Thanh

Vung Tau City, May 3rd - As Vung Tau, a sister city of Parramatta City (Australia) is celebrating its 30 years of the city liberation (29-4-1975/29-4-2005), Ms. Julia Finn, Lord Mayor of the city visited Vung Tau for 4 days. Below is exclusive interview of Ba Ria – Vung Tau reporter with her:

Q: So what is your impression in the first time you are in this resort city?


A: Many beautiful scenaries and green trees. The people are friendly and the smiles are what you often see on streets. (smiles)


Q: And what do you think about the agreement signed between Parramatta and Vung Tau in 1993? 


A: Personally I think this is an important agreement, which started the good relationship between the two cities as well as the two nations in the last 12 years. I am thinking about the corporation between the two cities during the trip, for example in education field.


I am also considering about the proposals of scholarship for Vung Tau learners to Parramatta to study or students from Parramatta to Vung Tau for better understand the city. We will create the best conditions for our enterprises to find opportunities in Vung Tau.


A normal day at Vung Tau City - peaceful. Photo by Huu Ngot.


Q: To be here at this special time is special for you?


A: Definitely yes. It is the 30 year anniversary of your city liberation and Southern liberation day, as well as Vietnam unification day. I came to pay respect for the soldiers who sacrified their lives for the victory of Vietnam and attended the grand meeting to celebrate the day.


It is my big honor to do such thing as an Australian national. I would like to send a peaceful messange to Vung Tau people on behalf of the people at Parramatta.


Q: Thank you.

(Vung Tau Sunday edition, April 30th 2005)

(On the website of Parramatta City, Lord Mayor Julia  Finn said that in the next 12 months, Parramatta intends to deepen trade links with Vung Tau and will be supporting humanitarian programs for orphans and people with disabilities.

Parramatta"s sister city agreement with Vung Tau was signed on 30 September 1993 - for humanitarian, educational, cultural and sporting links supporting Asia Business Connection activities in the region.)

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